The Originals Season 5 Spoilers – Caroline to Give Klaus a Chance at Love?

Caroline (Candice King) will take her time showing Klaus (Joseph Morgan) that he is not alone in the upcoming final season of “The Originals.”

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, King revealed that she might have more episodes to film for the new installment. Previously, it was announced that Caroline would appear in the season premiere to help out Klaus when he needs help the most. According to King, most of her scenes are shot with Morgan, fueling speculations that the two vampires will finally consider romance between them. “Klaroline” fans are excited to see how the pair’s relationship will evolve in the new storyline.

“They’re still filming, and I may or may not be heading to Atlanta one more time,” King said. “So I’m just as much in the dark as all the fans are. It’s been really fun to continue that storyline, knowing how much it meant to everyone that watched the show. … I can say that I worked a lot with Joseph Morgan. The Klaroline fans will be very happy.”

It has been previously teased that Caroline will arrive in New Orleans at Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) request. The Original will reportedly reach out to the blonde for Klaus’ sake. The Mikaelsons were forced to separate after a spell put parts of the Hollow’s soul in their bodies. The only way to keep Hope (now played by Danielle Rose Russell) safe is for the siblings to never see each other again. Klaus will have trouble accepting what happened to his family even though they all promised to stay with each other for eternity.

Klaus’ way of coping with the situation is said to be by going on killing sprees. Caroline’s presence will hopefully have a calming effect on him. Rebekah knows that Klaus has always been fond of Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) widow. Since she cannot be there to support her brother, Caroline will do it for her.

“The Originals” season 5 will air sometime in 2018.