Nashville Season 6 News – Five New Recurring Characters Confirmed

With “Nashville” season 6 set to premiere in January next year, filming for the new series is already in full swing. The upcoming series will reportedly include five recurring cast members and will find some of its most fan-favorite characters at multiple crossroads in their lives.

Earlier this week, a new sneak peek for the new season teased that season 6 would bring plenty of drama, which shouldn’t come as a surprise for fans since season 5 ended with a lot of Southern drama as well.

It can be recalled that in the season 5 finale, Maddie (Lennon Stella) and Juliette’s (Hayden Panettiere) skirmish reached its peak, Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Scarlett’s (Clare Bowen) conflict came to a head, and the Highway 65 artists continued to deal with the opposition.

As the production for season 6 goes into full gear, new reports about the series suggest that five new recurring characters will join its cast, including John Stamberg, Jake Etheridge, Rainee Lyleson, Nic Luken, and Dylan Arnold.

According to reports, “The Affair” star Stamberg will play the role of Darius, the charming founder of a self-actualization movement that has changed so many lives. Etheridge will also recur as the military veteran Sean, who deals with his post-traumatic stress disorder and possesses some hidden talent in music.

Meanwhile, “Love is Now” star Lyleson will play singer-songwriter Alannah, who starts her singing career as a backup singer but will soon be in for something bigger. “Ride” star Luken will also play the handsome pop star Jonah Ford, while “When We Rise” star Arnold will play Twig, Jonah’s childhood friend who has a good sense of humor. His character description says that he’s very handsome and exudes all the qualities of a superstar.

“Nashville” is set to return for its sixth season in January 2018 on CMT/Hulu.